Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next challenges

Since I think it’s becoming fairly obvious that I’m an avid business book reader—particularly autobiographies of people who had to struggle to become successful, I think this blog posting should make a bit of sense. In almost all of the books I read, creative entrepreneurs had to discover new skill sets along the way as new challenges approached them. It’s funny because I have always wanted to get my MBA, and now I finally feel like I am. 

I’ve mastered the design aspect, and have just now mastered the production, sourcing, materials, shipping, import, duty, and warehousing issues. But my next steps I think are going to be even more challenging. These are the skills I actually have to look deep down for, and really hone them, really pay attention, and really fight to survive with what I have. The next steps are the financials and the sales. I keep wanting to pass along both aspects of the business to someone more qualified, someone who I know really gets it and can help us grow quickly in an healthy manner. And I will find that person. But right now, I have to climb up that hill and do it myself. To bring up Branson again, he said sometimes you just have to shout for yourself about yourself. So here goes nothing…. can you hear me shouting now?

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