Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boat tickets

Generation Y has a tendency to just do. We don’t really think about the “plan” or how it’s actually going to be executed, or who's going to do what. Generation Y entrepreneurs have a unique sense of business style and -- as is often noted in articles about Gen Y’ers -- we are the least likely to have a traditional business plan written out. Most of us claim it’s a living work in progress in our heads. As part of the beginning bit of Gen Y, I can sadly say the same. Though as a personal disclaimer, I tend to believe that the real game changers are the cusp generation. It’s the end of X and the beginning of Y. Those are the real movers and shakers.

But this blog entry is not supposed to be about Gen X versus Gen Y versus the Boomers…It’s really about my shipping methods. Bear with me here…. Stupidly, I really thought I would just ship all my products via FedEx. In the beginning my initial order was maybe 300 bags, and I didn’t really think it would be a massive ordeal to have it shipped via FedEx or UPS, or even DHL. (Sorry FedEx you know I have a love affair with you, but didn’t want to leave out your partners in crime!) But then my orders grew, and I still didn’t stop to think that it would be a big problem to ship via air. I mean, really how expensive could it be? Well. Very. Very. VERY. VERY. EXPENSIVE!

Long story short, I am lucky to have an angel amongst us. She is someone I am incredibly grateful to have met and to know, both on a personal and professional level. In any case, she’s literally saved my company from complete bankruptcy. Me and my Gen Y philosophy, only half sort of looked into the airfreight versus shipping freight financial issues. I just always assumed we were too small to get on a boat and not too big to not be able to afford air. But I was wrong. To cut it short—my bags are going on a boat. And since I have a minor obsession with barges (okay okay, enough from the peanut gallery…I have a MASSIVE obsession with barges. And please don’t ask because I really can’t explain it.) I’m really excited. Even if I may never actually get to be on a barge, at least my bags will. And they are almost ready to travel the Pacific Ocean! Very exciting…. even if my Gen Y antics had to be saved by my angel of a friend.

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