Saturday, June 11, 2011

Line sheets and Friday nights

I think I only know one other person that spends their Friday nights doing cost analysis and line sheets on Friday nights. But she gets paid for it.

I’ve drudged on and on about this before, and I bring it up again, not only because we have new product to sell, but also because I’m constantly finding new ways of being more efficient. The line sheets took me forever to figure out the first time, but now I think I’m beginning to see the story much quicker. Things just get easier as you go along. I keep correlating it to riding a bicycle. The first time you do it, you don’t think you’re going to do it without breaking both legs and maybe an arm or two. But the second time, you only worry about breaking one leg and two arms, and then the third time, you’re pretty much down to one arm only, and so on. Everything’s like riding a bike, or driving a car, or climbing a mountain, or building a brand, or doing line sheets and cost analysis breakdown reports….it’ll all just get easier.

xo, ella g

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